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Terms of Service

§1 Right of Use

The offer is limited to one user account per person in the household.
(We reserve the right to block the affected user accounts)

The use of the server is basically up to you.

No (spam) bots, miners (BitCoin), etc. may be installed.

Stick to German law and there shouldn´t be any problems.

§2 Security, maintenance and care of the server

You have to take care of the security and the installation of security-relevant updates adhere to!

We are not responsible for hacked servers or data theft.

§3 guarantee

This listing is provided as is.

We assume no liability or guarantee of any kind.

We also do not guarantee that the services are complete or correct.

We reserve the right to change or discontinue the offer or use at any time can.

§4 costs or hidden costs

The offer is free.

Creating a customer account is free.

The offer is free of charge.

There are no hidden costs

Be it for an upgrade, traffic or support.