Service will be discontinued

Hey guys,

we are sorry to inform you that we are going to end our free Vserver offer completely within the next four weeks. As of now, we can no longer accept new server registrations or provide new servers. All existing servers will be deleted after the four weeks.

Please make sure that you back up your data within the next four weeks and move it to another platform. We cannot take responsibility for lost data. The user registration is blocked with immediate effect.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us improve our service and expand our knowledge by providing feedback and reporting bugs.

However, we also have to inform you that we will no longer provide support with immediate effect. We hope that you were still satisfied with our service.

Many greetings,

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Current Version

First news in english

We have now news also available in english. On friday 10/29 we installed additional 64 GB RAM on our second node. Therefore both nodes have now 128 GB RAM. 

The next huge hardware upgrade will  be new hard drives.

For the site self we have implemented a new support system. A few weeks ago, we have dropped the livechat due to job reasons. Now you can simply start a ticket and we can answer there.